Since 1982, South Texas artisan Robert Hensarling has been creating museum quality rocking chairs from the legendary Texas mesquite tree. Each piece of mesquite used in a rocking chair is selected for its unique grain pattern.

Robert spends countless hours artistically crafting each rocking chair out of rough-hewn mesquite. Intricate hand-tooled joinery is used to enhance both the strength and beauty of these chairs. For more information . Be sure to check out the new dining table and chair!

Texas Heritage (tm)
Texas Heritage

10 day rocking chair seminar scheduled. {details}

Texas Classic (tm)
Texas Classic™

Each year Robert offers a series of 4 Day seminars to show first hand all the tips and procedures that go into making these beautiful rockers.  

This year's seminars are scheduled for May 16-19, June 6-9, October 24-27, November 14-17, & December 5-8. Registration Details | Schedule of events.

Special: Alumni of Robert's 4 day rocking chair courses are welcome to attend. Details. For more information

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